Desire, pleasure, wellness and art. 

"There has been a huge void in sex-positive media, owned and created, from the perspective of Black people & communities of color."

Slumber is an erotica magazine that features sensual artwork and writing from the BIPOC perspective. It is all about exploring the desire, pleasure, wellness and art. As a part of that vision we want to create a safe space for people of color to delve into the vulnerability inherent in sexual expression.

This issue of Slumber magazine will feature advocates and conversation starters in the world of pleasure–specifically for people of color. Pleasure expressionism is what Slumber wants to achieve by breaking down those barriers relative to pleasure and encouraging real compassionate dialogue to spur a path of healing, well-being, and imminent positive fulfillment that can happen when intimacy is taken seriously. 

Lucid Dreams Issue

"A lucid dream is when the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. During which, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream."

In our inaugural issue Slumber will go deep inside the dreams of desire to become active participants of our fantasy. Through a tapestry of sensual visual art, erotica fiction and sex-positive narratives, the Lucid Dream issue will explore and embrace our inherent sexual desires without shame.

In this issue the following pleasure enthusiasts will share their thoughts and perspectives: