The response to UMBER’s perspective in the media has been resounding as we continue to curate authentic content. Since our launch we have celebrated huge milestones recognized by artistry and design communities globally.

Press links

AfroTech - Umber Publishing Wants To Give Power Back To Black-Owned Media Companies, May 2021
Works in Progress Podcast - Episode 17: Understanding You Have Value, April 2021
Print Magazine /The Daily Heller
- Starting a Black and Brown Publishing Empire, April 2021
Yahoo! Finance
- UMBER launched Umber Publishing, March 2021
Print Design Podcast
- Publication with Purpose, March 2021
Tech Wrap Queen Podcast - Creating for the Culture, Nov. 2020
Represent Collaborative - Here for the Nerd, October 2020
The Oaklandside - UMBER Focuses on Sports and Athletics, Oct. 2020
Print Magazine/Cheryl D. Miller - Black Designers: Forward in Action Part 1, Sept. 2020
AIGA Midwest Design Week 2020 - Opening night speaker Mike Nicholls: The 3 Ions of Design, Sept. 2020
Muse by Clio Awards: 2 Minutes with Mike Nicholls, July 2020
Print Magazine /The Daily Heller - UMBER is More Than a Color, July 2020
KQED Arts Rightnowish - Illustrating a Stutter with UMBER, May 2020
Select Five Podcast - Artist Mike Nicholls’ Five Favorite Songs, March 2020
Phnx Creative - Artist Interview: Creativity Begets Creativity, Jan. 2020
Communication Arts - Typography design winner Vocal Type Co.'s Broome, Dec. 2019
Starting from 0… Podcast - Mike Nicholls the Artist, Nov. 2019
The Seeds You Sow Podcast - Passion Fuels Purpose, Jan. 2019
Stack - UMBER Issue Two nominated for 2018 Stack Awards “Best Use of Illustration.” Oct. 2018
Meet the Brave Podcast - Mike Nicholls, creator of UMBER joins Mani Draper, Apr. 2018
Eastbay Express - "In Defense of Print" 2017 Year in Review, Dec. 2017
Day 1 Radio Podcast - UMBER founder Mike Nicholls, Nov. 2017
Eastbay Express - UMBER Provides an Outlet for Creative People of Color, Nov. 2017

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