UMBER was founded in 2017 as a single publication; known as the creative thinker’s graphic journal from the Black and Brown perspective by visual artist and designer Mike Nicholls.

Now in 2021, Umber Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Oakland, CA. Umber Publishing communicates the worldviews of marginalized people of color. In highlighting the global, creative perspectives that matter, we have built a connected community in tandem.


Saul Williams (pictured), Souls of Mischief, Thomas Pridgen, Niema Jordan, Christian Scott aTunde adjuah, MAVI, Dania Cabello, Mani Draper, Apache Skateboards, Thalma De Freitas, Armand Hammer, Jeannette Ehlers and many more.


UMBER is read by a community of vital tastemakers andmovement-builders. Our readers aren’t just casually interested inthe content we offer, they are passionate! The people that readUMBER are creators and thinkers who belong to multiplecommunities, are socially conscious, and intentional in how theydesign their lifestyle.